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by Meishi Smile

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Default Program Such a mesmerizing contrast of harsh and uplifting sounds, both lyrically and musically. Only Meishi Smile could make this work. Favorite track: Blank Ocean (Album Ver.).
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Kami A mix between emotional harsh sounds on songs like "Belong", the poppy shoegaze we love from Garret on "Star" and then a delightfully chill and ambient suprise on tracks like "Us". An album worth buying and listening, for its diversity and creativity. <3_<3 Favorite track: Us.
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findserene i've found warmth from this strikingly breathtaking album. Meishi Smile continues to galvanise and advances to skillfully ascend his art creatively / expressively. Favorite track: Today, Again.
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Here 02:06
Star 03:33
see your smile turn a faded red the fault of us is sure to end bruise my words tear through the sound in place of you is a new star lasting things will find their place lights flash  in distance, we trace… waves crash so far without your touch is heaven such a place so far? guilt is gone with days at rest if we could meet let it be in dreams now release and fold this sanction we hold with jaded hopes the sky's so clear now
Today, Again 04:28
a screen blank with a passing note her blood clotted lightly sparse and spilt alone retrace this lasting hope repeat until we are apart the scent it gave was a tasteless grey a blood soaked tart, a dull light taste the gentle rain sweeps endlessly but let's please be like this right here again a scene grey this time passing slow her breath shudders... sullen- slowing now she spoke "we'll sing this lasting hope... repeat until we are apart" it hurts
Innocence 02:16
a bittersweet laugh is how we'll pretend when the things we can't change fulfill the promise we had the feel of the warmth when the waves hit our arms and the salt in our blood stings our heart as we swell… oh parallel the scent of falling rain shards of sand will perfectly attach let's end our lives in a sentimental way let's echo our youth like death in poetry tear through sighs let's pass together lonely pretense breaks my denial we can't take this or what is forever where can one lead themselves to forget this?
Dysphoria 04:21
the way she can't live it's in her face i want to promise let it go away this time let things feel real so i do not feel the weight of growing distant i wish i grew up to speak the way you do feeling things i wish were so natural felt in the way that i am supposed to i sit and smile until i am your fool let go of patience  it feels okay to be loud let go of kindness  and shut it all out now let go of maybes  and what it means to know truth maybe i'll find what i need confiding in you now you can never sleep you can never quite see never quite be the thing that i want me to be do you want to hurt so bad? that you can never forget again do you want to live like that? till you can no longer feel it there do you ever feel it won't end? that you can never ever hope again well, it feels so hopeless now it might as well just all come falling over words i say they feel numb to me thoughts i think they cannot make me move i wonder what it's like to even feel pain it's all over but the crying
Us 03:19
Pastel 04:19
hearts seem to half light my will thin bruises pass times thin veil i see you suffer slow here ill lie that not everything dies pastel white, slows your heart though i say "stay here" faint seams turn halfway harm will reject lest they may cry still your blood reflects me bright here ill lie that not everything dies the real feeling, the broken feeling without you now slowly passing, slowly knowing what you breathed once was right here days you reject growing lonely, growing colder a pain too deep in the summer like an IV that drips through a torn vein missing you makes me feel so ill the feeling breathes, you plant the seed and the simplicity of my heart shatters underneath the reality of the world
Fetus 05:05
bloom... retrace the warmth bruised, bleeding arms cure sincere hearts blue dust now parts faint shallow sighs vague sincere cries tomorrow's known if reflective you and me have always been silently permanent... do you see- inside of me do you see- to lie to me do you see- inside we breathe do you see- let's hide these things  years... pass slow like glass sliced from the tips faint, true and warm crushed like a kiss flowering, torn insincere love rejected, born like yesterdays dove do you see?
Belong 04:36
the unfeeling subconscious will make my final conscious decision to alleviate my last ounce of sympathy everyone is the same once they sin the blood which drips down my left wrist is a justification the thoughts of the unadulterated masses is pure shit the hypocrisy is a tool which proves your weakness the meaning of my fatigue the wound is still fresh i view the world through a prism  of my own blood and hatred i wish to hone a shard of glass and tear through your fucking face i hope deceit teaches you an eternal pain - just die let me embrace everything alone so i can finally rest in peace


"…Belong" is the 2nd full length album by Meishi Smile.

"…Belong" is about representation of the you. A coming of age metamorphism. The indentation signifies hesitance when attempting to speak on behalf of your inner most self. The intrusive thoughts, the broken feelings. The half-hearted, yet overwhelming pain within. The idealism of fitting into a world that welcomes, yet ultimately rejects you. Wishing your whole life to be apart of something - reaching for it, yet when arriving there you realize the same people who accept you are everything that you hate. Thus you begin to hate yourself. To look inward is the only true change you wish to invoke- the only thing you truly belong to is your own.

The album in lighter moments draws inspiration from the mechanical, yet emotionally crafted tone of '80s synthpop such as OMD, the melancholic shoegaze of The Radio Dept. the bubbling ambiance of Susumu Yokota and the EDM of Japan's Yasutaka Nakata.

In bleaker moments, "…Belong" takes a nod from harsh noise acts such as Prurient, the melodically driven power electronics of Elite Gymnastics and the most reflective moments of 808's era Kanye West.

Ultimately, the album addresses a narrative of duality, switching back and forth between the dichotomy of light and dark while retaining a sense of pop that is simultaneously introverted.

Lyrically, the album explores subjects of guilt ("Star"), romantic disconnection experienced through the digital divide ("Today, Again"), impressionable youth and suicide ("Blank Ocean"), gender identity and depression ("Dysphoria"), the coping of death ("Pastel"), abortion ("Fetus") and societal violence ("Belong"). Isolated struggles and feelings that are faced in a myriad of ways through the individual experience.


released October 6, 2015

All songs written, recorded and produced by Meishi Smile

Remix by Plaster Cast


Brian Vu

Creative Direction:
Gary Yim

Michelle Yoon

Rob Duffy (cyclops.rocks)


All Inquiries:

Official Site:


Apple: smarturl.it/oh4bkr
iTunes: smarturl.it/0qn6j2
Spotify: smarturl.it/cz4keq


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Meishi Smile Los Angeles, California

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